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The development labs is hosted on a large mission critical cluster featuring RAID10 redundant disk space and daily disk mirrors.

All opensource projects are hosted free of charge.

Commercial projects may send a request to with their requirements to get pricing information.

For more info & support related issues check out the LinuxAssist Development Labs project http://devlabs.linuxassist.net/projects/devlabs .

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Site News
2013-10-26: Updated to redmine v2.3.3
2013-10-26: Git repository hosting available at http://gitlab.devlabs.linuxassist.net
2011-07-02: Updated to redmine v1.2.0
2010-12-25: Updated to redmine v1.0.5
2010-12-20: Release of Linux Assist Development Labs

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AmigaMML: Version 1.1 is released
Added by A. Black 4 months ago

AmigaMML: Version 1.0 is released
Added by A. Black 5 months ago

AmigaMML: Pack of .XI instruments
Added by A. Black 5 months ago

AmigaMML: Version 0.9 is released
Added by A. Black 5 months ago

AmigaMML: Version 0.8 is released
Added by A. Black 6 months ago

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Latest projects

  • AmigaMML (2014-06-29 07:12 pm)

    Program to compose music in .MOD and .XM formats. This program is in the public domain.

    It is a filter-type command-line program written in C. Windows executables are provided. It is intended to run on Linux too, although this is currently untested. I have no way to test it on actual Amiga computers....

  • OpenTrafficShaper (2013-10-26 08:17 pm)

    OpenTrafficShaper is an opensource traffic shaping package for Linux. Its designed to be extremely lightweight and bring a truly enterprise featureset to the Linux operating system. Features include user, group and IP based shaping, traffic classes and radius integration....

  • CPUTool (2013-10-26 08:09 pm)

    CPU Tool is a utility which can be used to control the CPU utilization of almost any process. It can take control of processes which are already running and can also start a process on startup. It can limit CPU usage depending on both current system load and CPU utilization....

  • PPP Multitunnel (2013-10-26 08:04 pm)

    Point to Point multi-link bonding daemon, connections are established over SSH and bonded. For instance 1:4 , 2:4 , 4:4 or similar setups.

    Git Repository:
  • PPP Gatekeeper (2013-10-26 08:02 pm)

    PPP Gatekeeper is a daemon that manages PPPOE connections supporting various levels of redundancy and failover

    Git Repository: